We believe that

your happiness & success
are a direct result of
your connection

to Your Self

Which means that…
in order for you to be

listened to
& Sovereign
as a woman

it requires taking
full ownership

of who you are

Maybe your work is no longer fulfilling…

Maybe you wonder if this is all there is to life…

Or you wake up at night, uncertain how to balance
the many roles you have.

And maybe, you feel


Join us for

the Sovereign Self
Female Leadership Journey

in Portugal
19-24 April 2021


To reserve your spot, you pay a downpayment of €650.
In case Maaike & Rosalie have to cancel the retreat due to Covid, this will be paid back to you.
The full amount (€1.995) needs to be paid by April 1, 2021.

a powerful, transformational


In this Female Leadership Journey, we work with the Sovereign Life Cycle, a model based on years of experience working with leaders all over the world. We’ve seen that to live a life that’s fully aligned with your power and purpose, each of us goes through four phases: understanding of self, searching for purpose, releasing the hold of our past, and aligning the future.

In the Sovereign Self Retreat you are taken on a journey through this cycle, finding answers to your deepest questions, like: What am I bringing to the world? How can I be more balanced?
How can transcend my fears and start living my truth?
How can I take better care of myself?

An inspirational duo of retreat leaders


Maaike Pieters and Rosalie Puiman are both certified transformational presence coaches. Maaike is also an astrologer, which brings depth to our programs in a beautiful and powerful way. Rosalie brings Thetahealing to the table, which allows for immediate insights and healing on a spiritual level. Between them, they have a ton of valuable wisdom and experience in authentic leadership and mindful communication.

Rosalie and Maaike have been working together for years and are sisters of the soul.

Their combined energy is grounded, warm, open and deep, creating an atmosphere of safe transformation.

a price winning eco
retreat centre


We have chosen Monte Velho Eco Resort as our home base for our Portugal retreats. This price-winning resort centre is know for its peaceful atmosphere, the spacious setting and the beautiful rugged nature.

The rolling hills, the ocean with her rugged cliffs, the beautiful flowers… They allow you to deeply sink into calm and inner awareness and give as an opportunity to stretch ourselves on a surf board (one afternoon included).

The light, spacious (shared) rooms of Monte Velho give you a place to be alone and rest.The meals are specially prepared for us, and are fully organic and vegetarian. We promise: it will be amazing!

The Sovereign Self female leadership retreat takes you on a journey through the Sovereign Life Cycle. Guided by Maaike and Rosalie, you explore what is holding you back from fully stepping into your potential. You find ways to elevate yourself and align to your highest truth. You craft, and take, the steps that will bring you where you want to go.

The Sovereign Life Cycle

1) Truth & Authenticity

This phase is about getting to know and understand yourself deeply, including the elements you may have been a little unsure about. In this phase you explore how the events in your life shaped the person you have become, and the person you can grow into. Sovereign leadership requires taking full ownership of your life’s story, both its past and its future.

2) Passion & Purpose

We all have something powerfully unique to bring to the world. No-one alive shares your life’s story, your upbringing, your education, your personality, your friends and family et cetera, which makes you truly one-of-a-kind. You are the only one who can bring forth what your heart longs for, in your unique way. This phase is about embracing that knowing, and setting out to find your personal way to serve the world.

3) Letting Go & Resilience

To create the life you want, you’ll have to let go of the things that are no longer serving you. This phase is about letting go and letting come, it’s about self care and about the self love to have an honest look at everything you surround yourself with. Only if you are healthy and whole, you will have a life that mirrors that in all aspects.

4) Personal Presence & Power

From this deep connection to yourself, you can step out into the world and build equally deep connections to others. Speaking and living your truth, while being open, sincere, and curious. Your presence reflects this, as you know that how are is even more important than what you do. Your energy, intention, and mindset creates your daily reality, and you know how to actively influences all three.

Are you ready to take full ownership and leadership of your life?

Are you ready to make the choices that you feel are necessary to do justice to who you really are?

Are you ready to submerge yourself in a week of deep self learning, amazing surroundings, true sisterhood, play, and self care?

If YES, than do not wait it out:

Your investment to be part of the full program, including the most awesome food & beautiful lodgings is just


Reserve your spot!

To reserve your spot, you pay a downpayment of €650. In case Maaike & Rosalie have to cancel the retreat due to Covid, this will be paid back to you. The full amount needs to be paid by April 1, 2021.

Please contact us through hello@thesovereignleader.com if you want to pay through a company. VAT will be added to the price mentioned here.

You will also receive these Bonuses:


We are still fully intent on going.
We are following the developments of course. Know that, to fly to Portugal, you’ll probably have to present a negative test. This will also give all the certainty that all participants & retreat leaders don’t carry the virus.

To reserve your spot, you pay a downpayment of €650. In case Maaike & Rosalie have to cancel the retreat due to Covid, this will be paid back to you.
The full amount needs to be paid by April 1, 2021.


  • (very) comfortable clothing fit for Southern Europe (check the weather close to date),
  • warm clothing for the evenings and mornings,
  • yoga clothes (if you prefer to practice in them)
  • walking shoes to explore the estate,
  • bathing suit,
  • sunscreen,
  • something to sleep in,
  • favourite notebook & pen
  • anything else you can’t be without 🙂

Monte Velho Eco Retreat has a fully vegetarian kitchen. All meals will be vegetarian, made fresh and with local produce only. The cooks are miracle makers, so even the most committed meat eater won’t miss a thing.

If you are lactose intolerant, gluten free or vegan, please let us know, as the cooks can indeed cater for this.

The destination airport is Faro, Portugal.
The program starts with a lunch on Monday the 19th. Please aim to arrive at Monte Velho around 1 pm at the latest. If you arrive later, please let us know in advance. 
If you want to arrive in Portugal in the weekend that is absolutely fine (and we highly recommend it in fact, bc it’s so beautiful), however, you do need to arrange for your accommodation for the extra night(s).
The trip from Faro airport to Monte Velho takes about 1,5 hours by car.  You should arrange your transfer from Faro airport. The easiest way by far is renting a car.
We end the official program on Friday evening, the Saturday morning is reserved for our final Monte Velho breakfast & saying our goodbyes.

The price includes coaching and facilitation by Rosalie & Maaike, your stay at Monte Velho Retreat center (in a spacious shared room) and three amazing meals per day. The price is exclusive of flights, transfer, and any additional trips you would like to make. Monte Velho also offers massages and horse coaching. You can book sessions at the reception for an additional fee.

Maaike Pieters is astrologer and coach. You can find more about her on her personal website.

Rosalie Puiman is coach, author and founder of The Sovereign Leader. Read more on her personal website.

Yes, you can pay in three instalments.

It is, if you are woman who’s ready to step into her full power and potential. If you are ready to let go of your limiting beliefs and if you are willing to make choices that are aligned with your truth.

Absolutely. Every time we run this retreat we are amazed at the powerful insights and shifts happening, even within a couple of days. Being away really creates an energy of potential for change.

We love to work with small groups, maximum of 15 participants.

Monte Velho Eco Resort has beautiful spacious rooms, each of which consists of two separated parts. You will share your room with one of the other participants, both having private space and sharing your in-room bathroom.

Yes. We’ll take you surfing one afternoon. A beautiful experience, which is an integral part of the retreat. Don’t worry, there’s a good teacher and we aren’t absolute beginners ourselves. If for what ever reason you cannot partake in this part of the program, please let us know.

Yes! We will invite you to a pre-retreat Zoom call to help you set your intention. This is also an excellent moment to meet the other participants.

We’ll also organize a day in Amsterdam, approximately 4 months after the journey, to regroup and share experiences and challenges.

On a separate note: Maaike and Rosalie will start a 6-moth Mastermind end of April (not included), which will be a great follow up for the retreat.

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If your question isn’t in addressed here, please contact us via hello[at]thesovereignleader.com

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"I highly recommend this all women who want to get back into their own power!"

"Doing this retreat felt like coming home"

"This retreat helped me let go what was ready to be released"