We believe that

who you are,

is how you lead

and so,
in order for you to be

& Sovereign
as a Leader

it requires taking
full ownership

of who you are

Do yo feel an inner call to
elevate your leadership?

Are you ready to transcend mediocracy?

We may be the perfect fit for each other, if you are:

in it
to change the world

Money is great, and there’s nothing wrong with earning a great income. Yet you feel there’s more to what you do. Adding more money to your bank account is not what gets you out of bed in the morning. Your work matters. And that’s what really inspires you.

ready to be more than just
'a great manager'

You are a pretty great manager, you know that. You got things under control, you get results.

But you know there’s so much more possible.

Staying in this zone will keep you small, and you know it’s time to rise higher.

powerful beyond measure

Power is a strange thing. It can misused, for sure. However, it can also be used for so.much.good.
And that’s what you’re after: to be as grant as you know you can be, and use that power to impact the world in a beautiful way.

Our programs are tailormade.
We offer various levels of support to seamlessly fit your focus and objectives.

One of Rosalie’s greatest talents is to see the wholeness and potential in the people she works with. She intuitively sees who you really are and holds a vision of you in your highest potential, gently reminding you when you temporarily forget.

Private Intensives

  • Looking to take on one concrete challenge
  • or already primed to working with spiritual healing techniques?
  • Ready to go all day?
  • Looking for tangible action steps and
  • willing to take on your fears and limiting beliefs?


  • Want to elevate to a new level?
  • Ready to expand your awareness and
  • take on your biggest blockers?
  • Want the added inspiration of a new and beautiful location?

1:1 Coaching: Empowered

  • Feel it’s time to play big?
  • Ready to create lasting change and
  • get in touch with your most impactful self?
  • Willing to invest in yourself for the coming 6 months?

1:1 Coaching: Sovereign

  • Ready to go all the way?
  • Want to truly live in your full power and
  • create the impact aligned with your potential?
  • Willing to invest in yourself for the coming 12 months?

Working with Rosalie is one of the most important things I have done in my life;
she is a game changer.

Alex Bennett-GrantCEO We Are Pi