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I am Rosalie Puiman

Leadership Coach
Author of The Mindful Guide to Conflict Resolution
Founder of The Sovereign Leader

I believe the world will be a better place
when more people operate in alignment with their truth.

I see it as my life’s mission to help leadership elevate to the level we all deserve, by preparing you, our leaders, for a future of more alignment, deeper connection, and growing awareness.

Through my programs and coaching, I support you in developing your awareness and in creating a full partnership between your intuitive and your intellectual mind. We make deep, lasting change in order for you and your company to truly have the impact you envision.

Through my products, programs, and coaching, I activate leaders
– personally and professionally.

The Courage to Grow

Why work with Rosalie

Certified Coach

Rosalie has been a professional coach with her own practice for many years. She is a certified transformational presence coach and a member of the International Coach Federation.

She has coached scores of people, with great impact and lasting results. By approaching challenges from a holistic perspective, she empowers her clients to  bring forth changes that impact their lives as a whole.

Read the success stories of a few of her clients here.

Holder of Your Highest Potential

One of Rosalie’s greatest talents is to see the wholeness and potential in both the individuals and the companies she works with. She intuitively sees who and what they really are and has the gift of being able to hold a vision of them in this highest potential.

In the moments in which you temporarily forget who you truly are, Rosalie is there to remind you and help you lift yourself up again.

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It’s beautiful to see how helping leaders step into their true power, benefits their team and their organizations.

Authentic leaders and purposeful organizations inspire and empower others to live their full potential too. In that way, working with leaders creates a beautiful ripple effect.

One of Rosalie’s favourite sayings is that she’s changing the world to be a better place – one leader at the time.

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