Let me ask you straightaway:

Do you and your co-founders or managers still really hear each other?

Are you all absolutely clear
on what makes you
a powerful team? 

Are you all aware of each others
strengths and weaknesses?

Do you celebrate your differences
as the foundation on which your companies success rests?

and most important of all:

is there a deep-seated trust between you?

I bet you don't
and there isn't

And there’s no shame in that, because honestly,

in our many years of executive and team coaching,

we haven’t met many teams who do.

But the truth is:

things like the absence of trust
and artificial harmony

are the biggest impact-killers in any team.

How we can help:

Using Patrick Lencioni’s simple model of The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, we guide you to team-success. We can do this through a team intensive followed by a self-guided process

or through a step-by-step approach guided by one of our coaches.

Team alignment is always bespoke and personalised,
so please reach out to discuss how The Sovereign Leader can support you best.