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An online membership community for change makers & leaders
who want to make the world a better place
(and improve their leadership & self awareness
while they're at it)

You have your own ideas of what the world should look like. How we can live together in a more sustainable, kinder way. You know much needs to change for the new paradigm to come into form. And you work on bringing your vision to life.

Maybe you're a business leader, a soulpreneur or a teacher. Maybe you raise children or support others in bringing out the best in themselves.
In any case: you’re a leader. You're a poineer.

But you wish it wouldn’t be so lonely. And that it might be a little clearer how to do it. It can be exhausting and even disheartening how much time and effort it takes to really change something.

But it’s so important, it cannot be NOT done.

You know that being a leader requires you
to stand alone sometimes.
But that doesn't mean
you have to feel alone and be without support
while you do that.

What if I told you
you don't have to do it all alone?

What if you could have

a leadership coach available to you at all times

without continuously having to pay
those high fees that go with private coaching?

What if you could get

fresh perspectives to develop your personal awareness,
accountability so that you finally take that big leap,
and inspiration to help you grow as a leader

delivered to you every month?

What if you could be

supported by a group of likeminded people
who share your goals and
maybe even some of your dreams,

so you will know and feel you are no longer alone.

I invite you to join me in

a monthly online coaching program
led by executive coach & author Rosalie Puiman

get started today for €47

Hi, I'm Rosalie

I am the founder of The Sovereign Leader, author of The Mindful Guide to Conflict Resolution and coach to the most inspirational leaders and change makers around the world.

My clients really make a difference in their team, their company and the world. I work with both senior leaders in large corporations (like Siemens and OLX), and scale up founders alike. 

I understand 1:1 coaching or in person leadership programs aren’t always possible, due to your schedule or budget.

But I also know how important it is for leaders like you to continue to develop yourself so you can continue to grow in your leadership.

"Everyone thinks of changing the world,
but no one thinks of changing himself."

~ Leo Tolstoy

In order to effectively lead with impact, it requires taking full ownership of WHO YOU ARE.

But no one ever told you how to access that power...until now.
Sovereignty is Self Mastery. It means that you own your story, and take your life into your own two hands. A Sovereign Leader is free from the validation of others and is willing and able to stand for what they believe.
There are 4 stages to Sovereignty. They take you through a journey of getting to know yourself deeply and taking full ownership of your life, uncovering your Why, clearing your life of all excess and putting in place the support systems you need, and building your personal presence, so you gain mastery within self, in order to lead with courage and impact.
I teach you all about those four stages in the Sovereign Leader Inner Circle!
Keep reading to learn more.


The Sovereign Self Cycle

our 4 stage model to develop self mastery and step into truly impactful leadership.

Sovereign Leaders know who they are.
They own their story, embrace their purpose,
have transcended their limiting beliefs
& carry themselves with power and presence.

Becoming a Sovereign Leader isn’t done overnight. Our biggest challenges are designed for us to grow from, and one brings on the next and the next. Each time we pass through the four stages, we reach up a ‘level’, becoming more capable and ready for more.

On our own it may take us years and years to work through the cycle and develop our leadership and self awareness. My private coaching programs easily take a year of working together intensely, and even then: learning never ends.

That’s the point of it.

In the Sovereign Leader Inner Circle I take you through the cycle three times a year: one leadership lesson per stage. We will move through the cycle from the outside IN, which means we’re seemingly taking the lessons in reverse order. However, I find that working from the concrete stage towards the more inwardly focused one is more tangible and applicable, and makes the work even more effective.

Let's get concrete.
Here's what you can expect:

  • A monthly Sovereign Leader Lesson that will bring in inspiration and insight to develop and grow your leadership, personal awareness and communication skills (30-45 min).
  • A micro-challenge, a meditation or a yoga class related to that month’s lesson to keep you on track.
  • A monthly live session where we come together around that month’s theme and your personal challenges (approx. 60 min).


  • A growing, international community of amazing, impactful people who share your leadership vision.
  • An evolving Sovereign Leader Toolbox, tailored to members’ needs.
  • A 10% discount on individual sessions with me.
Most Popular


  • A monthly How to-lesson
  • Monthly Group Coaching session with Rosalie 
  • Private Community
  • A Micro Challenge to stay on track




Best Value


  • A monthly How to-lesson
  • Monthly Group Coaching session with Rosalie 
  • Private Community
  • A Micro Challenge to stay on track


  • 2 months for free


This is for you if:

  • you’ve done some leadership development training or personal coaching
  • you’re open minded and curious
  • you’re willing to take ownership of your life and your development as a leader
  • you understand that to be a better leader of others, you need to become a better leader of self
  • you understand the value of authenticity in leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am super busy. Will this work for me?

We know you are! And that’s why we don’t overwhelm you with content, support you by categorizing wisely.

You definitely do not need to watch hours of videos in order to be getting bang for your buck in the Sovereign Leader Inner Circle. Most video lessons range from 30-60 minutes (live sessions can go upwards of 2 hours) and you can listen to them while commuting, working out, cooking, doing groceries or while you’re enjoying a nice bath.

You can pick and choose the topics that are most relevant for you right now and you can disregard the rest for the time being, and circle back to them when the timing is right.

Remember – people are paying €450 for just one coaching session with Rosalie which means you’re getting a great deal even if you just use a fraction of what’s offered in the Inner Circle.

I am not in an official leadership position/I don't have the job title. Is this for me?

As long as you think of yourself as a leader, someone who can influence others, this is for you.

Rosalie’s approach to Leadership has everything to do with self awareness and gaining self-mastery, in order to create the results you are aiming for. Before anything else, leadership is about taking ownership of your life and stepping into fully being the person you aspire to be.

The Sovereign Leader Inner Circle will help you empower yourself, so you will be better able to empower others. Be it the members of your team, your employees, your boss, your brother, your children, your partner or even your parents. Strong people create more strong people. And that is what the world needs.

Our content will sometimes be specifically focused on how to lead others, but most of the times, it will be about leading the most challenging person of all, you.

I want to be more effective as a leader. Is this for me?

At The Sovereign Leader we believe in self awareness and ultimately self mastery as the best path to inspired action and impact. As a senior leader, you know pretty much all the tricks in the leadership book, so in order for you to improve further and become more effective, your best bet will be to go further inside and overcome the blocks and obstacles you have inside yourself. If you are willing to go there, then yes, this most definitely is for you!

My company is willing to pay for my subscription.

Awesome! Send us an email at, and we’ll set it up!

I am new to leadership. Is this for me?

That depends. If you have previously done work on self development a/o leadership and you recognise yourself in this page, then you are probably good to go. If you are in doubt, feel free to send us a message so we can advice you 1:1.

Is this for women only?

Absolutely not.

Alex Bennett-GrantCEO, We are Pi

Working with Rosalie is one of the most important things I have done in my life; she is a game changer.

Kim TaylorMarketing Director

Working with Rosalie has been a truly enriching experience for me. I have gotten to know and develop myself on a level that I did not know was possible. She changed my world.

Michiel M.Manager

Since working with Rosalie I understand who I am, make choices that I feel really good about, and I've aligned my daily life with my overall life path. Highly recommended!!

Miranda ZwartjensExecutive, international insurance

Since working with Rosalie I know where I am headed. It’s so clear to me, that I am even able to prioritize it in my busy daily life as a business leader and a mother and partner.

Krisztina Panyi

Working with Rosalie really changed my life for the better!

Evan MarcusWeb Developer

Rosalie is extremely knowledgeable. I can't get enough of her work.