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Strengthen your Presence

Finding that inner alignment, quietening the monkey mind, it’s not easy per sé, but it is definitely possible. Download the 5 guided meditations Rosalie’s recorded to go with The Mindful Guide to Conflict Resolution for free.

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Learn More

To dive deeper into the world of easier difficult conversations, order your copy of The Mindful Guide to Conflict Resolution:

I have added this book as recommended reading for the coaching and workshops I conduct on productive conflict. It is a book I recommend without hesitation.

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Go deeper into Self Awareness

Mindful Conflict Resolution requires quite a bit of self knowledge and personal leadership. To strengthen and further develop yours, we invite you to become a founding member of The Sovereign Leader Inner Circle.

As part of the SPARK webinar audience, you can enter the Inner Circle as a founding member for just  €18/mo (instead of €33) or €180/year.

You will keep this price as long as you stay with us! (content starts June 2020).

Use SPARK2020 at check out. This offer is valid until May 19, 2020.