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Have you been here?

Gut wrenched, throat chocked up, sweaty armpits…
It’s time for your appointment,
and God help you, it’s a difficult conversation!
You have been trying to avoid this moment like it’s Covid-19, but here you are, there’s no way to postpone or divert:
you’ve got to get at it.

Or maybe you've been here:

Legs crossed at your desk to avoid going to the restroom at the same time as the girl you have to confront about being late
Or not being able to enjoy breakfast because you’re so nervous about running into your boss who you really,
really should’ve told weeks ago
that you want a raise…


I can go on and on,
but we both know:
you’ve been here.

Let me tell you:

I don’t think anyone particularly enjoys difficult conversation
but I also know that it IS possible to go into them
knowing you’ll be ok.
Knowing you’ll get out with the result that’s acceptable or even great,
and with the relationship in tact.

Do you want to:

  • confidently walk into any difficult conversation?
  • comfortably navigate tears, angry outbursts and emotional bribery?
  • be certain that any tough conversations you take on, leads to a valuable result?
  • just know that relationships will survive and even thrive afterwards?

and are you

  • a leader
  • change-maker
  • pathfinder
  • or entrepreneur?


Because then

you came to the right place!


the proven 5-step recipe
to make difficult conversations


& never fear, dread or avoid tough talks again

What You'll Learn

Five Secrets

to completely change
the way
you disagree with people

One Bonus

Ok then, I’ll also share the one thing that will change
everything in difficult conversations

And the Result…

more confident,
more graceful,
and more courageous

“OK,” I hear you think, “how is it possible, Rosalie, that something literally everyone finds hard, YOU can solve in a heartbeat?”

GOOD point. Thank you for asking!

Well, the thing is: I was the worst tough talker ever for most of my life.

I used to please people for a living
(not kidding & not talking about sex, I’ll share that story later)

And then something miraculous happened:
I learned a couple of things that changed everything.

Since then, I changed my career to teaching other people what I learned,
and I even wrote a book on difficult conversations.

I really don’t think difficult conversations have to be so hard

They can instead be:






& leading to all sorts of good stuff

So. Shall we change how you see them too??

Get the free guide
and start seeing tough talks
as the simplest way to

personal empowerment
& interpersonal value