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Stress? Uncertainty? Anxiety?


in Challenging Times

How we are is how we lead, and in uncertain times it is super-important to stay connected and centred to spread positivity among our team members, friends, family and your children, if you have them.

But it can get overwhelming, that’s for sure!

So in this challenging times I want to offer you small, interactive online coaching program to get through this phase of global uncertainty.

Join me for a package of 5 online sessions,

at a highly reduced rate, because I want to make this accessible for all.

The Results

1. Sanity

Suddenly being confronted with quarantine, your whole family in the house 24/7, the pressure of keeping work going, homeschooling, the fear for the health of yourself and your loved ones, uncertainty about work.

It’s enough to drive anyone a little crazy.

Not being alone with this is an excellent way to stay sane.

2. Refocus

Of course you may have temporarily succumbed to fear or doubt. I get that! (same here).

However, to keep up the vibe and stay on course, it is important for us as leaders, parents and change makers to refocus and bring our attention to how we can serve.

I have a bunch of beautiful practices ready for you to help you with that shift.

3. Community

Yes we are in social isolation. We only speak to others over the phone and via various online tools. I cannot change that, but what I can do is offer you a new group of likeminded professionals.

These people differ from your colleagues because they don’t expect anything else from you then to show up authentically and openly. This new community will hold space for you, will explore with you, and hold you accountable where you need it.

That is gold.

The Details

Five online group coaching sessions via Zoom

All sessions are to be done by Zoom, replays will be made available.
Each session will consist of a combination of teaching, exploring, practice, spotlight coaching and Q&A.

Weekly Meetings are Tuesday, 5-6 pm CET

Dates: 21 + 28 April, 12 & 26 May, 9 June 2020
This allows people from different timezones to join live. I realise this won't be convenient for everyone, everywhere. If you want to join, but the time is impossible for you, let me know. Maybe we can set up a separate group. In any case: replays will be available.

Interactive, personalized and to the point

In each hour long session we focus on topics like resilience, energy management, leading and delegating. Topics can be added or adjusted to the needs of the participants.
You can bring in your questions and challenges.


Investment is
€250 for individuals
€250 + 21% VAT for people paying through a business

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payment through company

Working with Rosalie is one of the most important things I have done in my life;
she is a game changer.

Alex Bennett GrantCEO & CoFounder of WeArePi

Rosalie is a kind & firm leadership coach.
Working with her gave me tools to manage myself in highly stressful situations
and to reconnect to my intuition.

Anne CramwinckelProject & Event Manager in Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship

After working with Rosalie, I now know where I am headed.
It’s so clear to me, that I am even able to prioritize it in my busy daily life
as a business leader and a mother and partner

Miranda ZwartjensInterim Manager