The graphic below gives an overview of the 4 stages of the Sovereign Self Cycle. Going through these stages is a cyclical process, in the sense that you will probably experience that when you get to a stage where you feel you sort of 'got it', you'll find yourself uncovering a new aspect of yourself that sets the cycle in motion again, uncovering more information about your Why and opening you up to releasing new elements that are no longer serving you. This is, as far as I know, how it's supposed to be. Life would get a bit boring if it wasn't, right? However, sometimes it may come as a shock when you find yourself working on a specific topic - again. Know then that we all have a couple of life themes that will come back to you time and again, and that you will then 'take them on' from a more advanced level, taking your previous learnings to deepen or widen the experience.

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